Conversations in transit 2

We stood on the chilling porch me in a warm dress, and thermal innerwear, Big wool socks, hidden beneath big bright shoes In colours of fluorescent, and now some cold. Layering is the trick they say A dress, under a sweater, under a…

Conversations in transit


Where ya headed with that big ol’ pack, young lady said the bald old man In the cardigan. To see the northern lights, I said. Oh, he said. Where’s that? Isn’t it near where you come from ? It sure is.

Lifes purpose is not something you are born with. But something you find and cultivate. Something that reveals itself when you let your life speak. “If you’re going to be a writer you have to be one of the great ones, and they…

Almost everyone, at the park today


…. looked like this 😀

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