Beauty in the everyday everything

The gorgeous peach and sunshine colours that drained out as I made some pomegranate and carrot juice. The colour palette in this shot, with HTML codes :    

Quick corn bread

In the mood for a hearty bite? But running low on pantry supplies? Here is just the recipe for you – quick, simple and steamed to better health :). To make: Mix together all purpose flour (1/2 cup), 2 tbsp

Spectators and creators

The unrealistic expectation of wanting to be appraised of another’s life. **** Born to a stage We build a life, we are the creators You and I Born to the world We watch, whats on display We are spectators you

The aftermath

Certain festivals continue to be celebrated in ways that pollute the local and global environment. The festivities of  Ganesha chaturthi are no exception. While the colours, celebration, lights and general mood of joy are all very good, it is the end

Healthy eating – Chia seeds make for a perfect bite

Chia seeds are all the rage this season and once you have drink saturated with these little beads, you may be hooked for life. The seeds are perfect to curb hunger pangs and add a beautiful body to your drink. You

Once you have gone red, brown or black, you cannot go back to white.

  #RiceTalk #HealthyEating   I had tried red rice, during my travels but last night I made some at home and boy was it delicious.   It was red love from the get go – the earthy aromas as it

Money exchange in Hyderabad, Secunderabad

The thing about foreign exchange that most travelers overlook is that the foreign exchange is marginally negotiable. Based on the amount of money you want to exchange, this marginal percentage could amount to big cash variations. Below is a list