Oracle applications R12 Inventory Setups – Part 3

Oracle tutorials

In continuation to R12 Inventory Setups – Part 1 & Part 2 , the below presentation will delve into setups required to implement Oracle Applications Inventory ( Version R12). This presentation will detail setups relevant to defining and maintaining items: 1. Create Item template 2. Define Item 3. Define an Item Status 4. Establishing Item […]

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Wear in the world – Luang Prabang

Maxi dress

Luang Pabang is diverse in what it has to offer – stunning wats, beautiful turquoise blue waterfalls, photogenic streets, great food and a proud culture. You will be walking the streets amidst orange robed monks, swimming in lagoons among a vibrant mix of travelers, strolling around the night market, cycling about the towns picturesque outskirts […]

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Chef inspired – Jamie Oliver’s tomato, basil and prosciutto omelette


Cooking this wonderfully simple recipe by Jamie Oliver, was a culinary discovery. I finally truly understood the meaning behind the famous quips of Top Chef judges: “Season everything” “Let the main ingredient shine” “A little goes a long way” ** The euphoria that I felt in putting together something that tasted, looked and smelled so […]

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